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Northborough Primary School

Values & Ethos

As a school we set ourselves target areas for success and improvement. We also believe in a strong set of Norbert's Way values which we live and breath throuhgout the school. 

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

  • Quality of teaching over time is consistently good with expectations for outstanding
  • Effective challenge and marking is evident in pupils’ work
  • Effective working walls support, celebrate and extend learning
  • Cold and hot formative assessments in maths and English underpin teaching and learning, as well as set targets for pupils
  • Embed new strategy for maths including ‘Norbert Number time’
  • Embed teaching and learning charter across the whole school

Effectiveness of leadership and management

  • Subject Leaders across the school – subject scrutiny implement termly for core and termly for foundation subjects
  • Ensure Senior Leaders strengthen their strategic role through focused learning walks against priorities
  • Peer book scrutiny review every two weeks based on learning class charter
  • Develop effective strategies for engaging and communicating with parents and the wider community (e.g. celebration assemblies, open events, learning journals)
  • Further strengthen the effectiveness of the Governing Body to support and challenge the school and fulfil its statutory duties

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  • Pupil voice - pupils know their targets and what they need to develop in order to succeed
  • Focus pupils’ attitudes to learning and facilitate independent learning
  • Pupils take on responsibility and develop leadership skills – Develop Prefects
  • Enhance pupils' social interaction and quality of 'play'
  • Effective promotion of the school’s vision with children, staff and parents
  • Attendance to be above 97%

Outcomes for Pupils

  • Lower to middle attaining children achieving W (Working towards) are supported to ensure they achieve Age Related Expectations in reading, writing and maths
  • Disadvantaged pupils make good progress in reading, writing and maths
  • Raise standards in writing across the school – focus on grammar punctuation, and spelling and handwriting
  • Transition from EYFS to year 1 - focus on writing and more-able groups
  • Raise standards in reading across the school


Our Values – ‘Norbert’s Way’

Norbert’s Way

Which means

Ways in which we demonstrate these values


Respect each other


Respect our school, the local community and the environment


Attention in class

Care of the school grounds, orchard, external classroom


Reflect on the big questions

Think about the world and your part in it

Use your initiative

4 R’s in learning (Resilient, Reflective, Resourceful, Relationships)


Embrace opportunities and challenges

Develop enquiring minds

Aspire to be the best you can be, and then beat it!

4 R’s in learning

(Resilient, Reflective, Resourceful, Relationships)



Be enthusiastic

Be fair

Be honest

Be confident

Be honest

Behave responsibly

Be safe and make sure others are too

Work co-operatively

Be independent when you can


4 R’s in learning

(Resilient, Reflective, Resourceful, Relationships)


Contribute to our community

Share your time and talents

Celebrate your own and others’ achievements

Participation in external events