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Northborough Primary School

Foundation - Oak class

Mrs Holland sends a weekly parent newsletter home. Please look out for them in your child's book bag.

If you wish to visit the classroom to have a look around your child's learning environment or to spend some time with your child looking through their work, please come in after school on a Friday to the Foundation Classes 'Family Friday'    


Dear Parents/carers

Welcome back to school – it’s going to be a long and busy term as we head towards Christmas.  We will be developing our topic – All About Me – a little further.  Celebrations that we enjoy with our friends and families will underpin much of our teaching and learning.  We will understand that different people celebrate different occasions in a variety of ways.  We will learn about Diwali, Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night and The Christmas story.  We will also be thinking about the homes that we live in and we will all make a junk model of our homes.

Do you have an important celebration coming up that we could share with you?  We are very keen to continue this throughout the year so if you have a wedding or a Christening or Ede or any other important occasion please chat to me about it.


Autumn 2


More Letters and Sounds.  Writing CVC words.  Writing words in ways that match their spoken sounds. Attempting to write simple sentences.  Weekend News.  Celebration cards.  Labels for houses.  Christmas letter to Father Christmas.


NUMBER: Ordering numbers to 20.  1:1 correspondence. Adding and subtracting.  Recording in ways that we can interpret and explain.  Number sentences. 

SHAPE, SPACE & MEASURE:  Repeat patterns, 2D shape names, 3D shape names.  Shape walk.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Christmas Nativity performance.  Walk around Northborough.  Pantomime trip.  Termly Review – what am I good at?  New talk partners

Communication & Language

Sharing ideas. Listening carefully.  Speaking to a talk partner. Talking to the whole class. Communicating with unfamiliar grown-ups.  Understanding stories. Answering questions. Following instructions.  Talking about my weekend news.  Listening to stories. 

Physical Development

Pencil grip. Letter formation.  Getting changed for PE.  Dance.  Multiskills.  Jabadaeo.  Learning playground games with Mrs Gerrard.

Understanding the World

Using Technology.  Looking at the seasons change from Autumn to Winter.  Respecting that not all people enjoy the same things or celebrate in the same way.

Expressive Arts & Design

Role Play. Jabadaeo.  Painting.  Play dough. Drawing.  Imaginative play.  Christmas crafts, Diwa lamps, Rangoli Patterns, Firework art.  Poppies.


Equipment needed in EYFS:

  • PE kit
  • Reading records
  • Water bottle (Please don’t put it in the book bag!)
  • Wellies
  • Coat
  • A book bag with the Reading Record book inside every day!


If you have any queries, please feel free to come and speak to me about the curriculum.


Thank you for your support


Kate Holland