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Northborough Primary School

ParentPay messages


Northborough Primary School uses ParentPay which is a secure online payment system that allows parents to make payments by credit and debit card for their child/ children's dinner money and school trips.


As well as making payments online we use ParentPay to talk to our parents. Infact, 95% of our parents receive messages electronically.

As a school we are committed to reducing the amount of paper communication we send out via the book bag. We regularly send messages regarding upcoming events, class specific messages regarding trips etc. Therefore we encourage parents to activate their account if you have access to the internet. We save hundreds of pounds a year which can be spent on new resouces for our children.

You can request your login details from the school office.

Parents with children starting school from September 2016 will only receive messages from the school electronically, only letters reguiring perental permission will be printed and sent home.