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Northborough Primary School

Values & Ethos

At Northborough Primary School, we strive to encourage the learning behaviours, which form part of our school values.

 ‘Taking PRIDE in what we do’:

We persevere in doing our very best

We have positive relationships built on respect

We show our integrity by being respectful, honest and fair

We aspire to dream, learn, become and do

We embrace all challenges and opportunities


Our Values

In order to achieve our aims, certain standards must be fully understood and maintained. We actively seek to apply these standards consistently and uphold them at all times. The standards are our school values. These values are displayed in every classroom and in prominent positions around the school to promote positive learning behaviour. We have elaborated on what our school values stand for in terms of what is our dream in promoting ‘Positive Behaviour and relationships’.  


Behaviour we want to see



We are attentive

We are listening

We work hard


Relationships and Integrity

We are kind and helpful

We listen to other people

We are honest

We look after property




We are gentle

We walk quietly and sensibly around the school

We follow instructions