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Northborough Primary School

Year 2 - holly class

Welcome back to the first term of this academic year!

Our topic this half term is entitled ‘Who lives here?’.  We will be looking at the local area to find out about our village.  The children will be taught how to ask geographical questions, observe and record their findings, and express their views.

We will incorporate some of our maths work into the recording of this data using lists, tables and block graphs.  

Please ensure you have filled out the permission slip for village walks as we will be using our local environment as part of this topic. Our first walk will be on Monday 9th September, when we will be looking generally at the village layout and locating some of our own houses!

If you have any particular local knowledge please let me know.

We will carry out some art work in the field – do look out for us sketching houses.

Some of this half term will be taken up with learning about the Great Fire of London. We will study the causes of the rapid spread of the fire, as well as learning about different ways of finding out about the past.

We have arranged a visit from the History off the Page team, who will deliver a day of role play and investigation based on the Great Fire of London.  The children dress in appropriate costume and immerse themselves in this fascinating topic.

The day is an excellent and motivating way of packing a lot of learning into one day.  If you fancy being a Stuart on Tuesday 1st October do please come along as we will require lots of help to make the day work smoothly!

We also plan to have our own Great Fire of Northborough!  Keep an eye on the web site for updates. Both of these topics are a great stimulus for our writing.  We will be writing recounts and reports based on them.


Autumn 1


Who lives here? 


Reports and recounts


Place value,  addition and subtraction




I am a reporter  - writing a report


Games, Gymnastics


The Lord’s Prayer, Harvest Church Service, Guru Nanak
















Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish for further clarification of our topic or any other aspect of school life.




Thursday pm   outdoor - games

Friday am   indoor - gymnastics

Kits can be left at school all week if you wish. Please label all kit as well as uniform.

Please could the children bring a named water bottle to school; we do not have a drinking fountain close enough for the children to get a drink from during class times.  Please make sure you only fill the bottle with water.


We will be working with Mrs Whittaker in the mornings.   Mrs Hussey will provide cover for my KS release and Literacy Lead release for one afternoon a week, and for PPA cover for one afternoon


The children will carry out an activity each half-term based on the title given.  It is an adaptable title and the children can do any thing they like around it, for example some art work, or a written project.  It is a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate their talents and interests.  We share their work in the class which also develops their ability to present work and ask and answer questions.  The first title is ‘ANIMAL HOMES’.

We will share this work in the week beginning Monday 7th October.

The children should also sharpen numeracy skills using mathletics, practise spellings and complete any short tasks set.  We appreciate your continued support with daily reading.  (Please see the reading journal letter sent with the reading journal for further information.)


Many thanks,

Mrs Jackson