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Northborough Primary School

Year 6 Spring term 2018


Welcome to YEAR 6 Spring Term 2018

The Frozen Kingdom


polar bear christmas GIF by Artitudes Design

Welcome back, Mrs Pell and Mrs Brown would like to say a big thank you for all of our lovely Christmas cards and gifts we received. We hope you all enjoyed your time off and are now ready to start our new topic, The Frozen Kingdom.

To start our topic, the children will create igloos for their Husky dogs, ensuring they are well structured and fulfil the requirements for an Antarctic expedition.  From this engagement task, Year 6 will begin their intrepid journey across the vast, cold whiteness of Antarctica re-taking steps by the famous explorer Shackleton as he endeavoured to cross the south polar continent. 

This topic will take the children into this dangerous but fascinating regions of the earth, where they can learn about incredible feats of bravery, classify animals and plants, and further learn about Inuit customs and survival methods used throughout these regions.

Why not watch an episode of the BBC's Frozen Planet series?

Literacy begin their writing focus this term, the children will be creating a short narrative using the The Call of the Wild' (Jack London), Husky character Buck. This will enable the children to use figurative language to describe the setting, the characters and atmosphere and furthermore integrate dialogue to convey action.

Next, the children will explore Shackleton's Journey by William Grill, which should inspire them to write letters and diary entries, including facts from this historic exploration.

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Through this Literacy unit, we will be using other non-fiction books to gather facts, research more about the topic and this landmark voyage.




All morning booster sessions this term will focus on numeracy skills and other boosters will cover numeracy and reading. Most of these will be implemented within school time unless children have been invited for other sessions. 6 will continue with their fraction unit, developing a secure knowledge of adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying different types of fractions and alongside improving their problem solving skills.

SATs revision books will be given out to allow children to review their learning weekly, these will be marked at school, children are responsible for taking good care of these and return them every Monday for reviewing as a class.




Year 6 will be studying - Living things and their Habitats. They will learn about the classification of living things including micro-organisms. The children will build on their work from Year 4 by sorting animals into groups based on more defined similarities and differences.

Class 6 will extend their learning by being introduced to the standard system of classification developed originally by Carl Linneaus; then be able to choose an animal and research its classification model.

Children will have the opportunity to design their own 'curious creature ' and classify it based on its characteristics.


Children by the end of this unit be able to:

  • Sort and group animals based on their features, using examples as a guide
  • Describe Carl Linnaeus and his development of the classification system
  • Place animals into given groups based on characteristics
  • Design a creature with a specific set of characteristics
  • Name types of microorganisms
  • Design a microorganism
  • Complete descriptions on the characteristics of groups of organisms


Other Subjects:


Emigration and exploration in the early 1900s


Features of the polar regions, maps and atlases

Art and Design

Inuit artwork, modelling and photography

Design and Technology

Building igloos




Invasion Games,  Outdoor adventure, orienteering