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School Policies

To convey the ethos of the school through written documents is not an easy task. However, we hope that the attached documents provide you with helpful information. If you wish to have a paper copy of any of our policies please contact our school office. Soke Education Trust works in partnership with our school to support and monitor policies.

School Policies specific to Northborough Primary School can be found below.

Details of our funding arrangements, Public Sector Equality Duty & statement of employees earning over £100,000 can be found here.

Our Trust wide policies are shown below. Use the tab listed on the right or click here to access the Trust's statutory policies, in addition to other documents and policies:

  • SET Admissions
  • SET Adult Code of Conduct
  • SET Allegations of Abuse Against Teachers & Other Adults
  • SET Capability
  • SET Complaints
  • SET Data Protection 
  • SET Data Retention
  • SET Disciplinary
  • SET Inductions of ECTs
  • SET Equality & Diversity
  • SET Exclusions
  • SET Grievance
  • SET Health & Safety
  • SET Investment 
  • SET Pay
  • SET Personal Information 
  • SET Privacy Notices
  • SET Register of Business Interests
  • SET Safer Recruitment
  • SET Safeguarding & Child Protection
  • SET SEND & Inclusive Education
  • SET Whistle-blowing Policy