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Northborough Primary School

Purple Reign?

No - not that sort! We're talking about the Purple Team's recent victory in the Northborough intra-school 5-a-side football competion...

On 12th December Years 5 and 6 joined forces to represent their Colour Teams in the 5-a-side football competition. The event comprised of a mini league format, with each of the six teams having the opportunity to play all of the others. Three points were earned for a win with one for a draw. Additional bonus points were on offer for noteworthy 'sporting acts,' - either during game play or by spectators (including those from Year 4). Each team had to contain a mixture of boy and girl participants at all times.

The event proved to be a huge success. Despite it perhaps being the coldest day of the year so far, all children engaged in the competition in an exemplary manner. There was a high standard of sporting competition undertaken in a positive and encouraging spirit with the efforts and achievements of all celebrated. Each match culminated with both teams shaking hands before moving on to the next challenge. It was great to see all children making the effort to represent their team, despite perhaps not being particularly confident in their own footballing abilities. Similarly, the 'seasoned,' footballers recognised the varying level of experience of all involved and afforded them due respect - great to see.

In third place, earning 10 points for their team were Green. The runners-up were Yellow managing to gain 30 points with Purple the victors earning a whopping 50 points! Purple reign indeed...