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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision for Northborough Primary School

Northborough Primary School's vision is to create a nurturing, family-centred community that encourages growth and perseverance through challenge. Our aim is to inspire life-long learners for the future, nurture children's passions and aspirations, and empower successful global citizens.

Inspire resilient life-long learners for the future

Nurture children’s passions and aspirations

Empower successful global citizens

Our mission at Northborough Primary School

Northborough Primary School aims to create a positive school community by fostering strong relationships and promoting clear values of respect and support. Our goal is to set high expectations each day, encouraging children to take risks, promote the love of learning and stretch their knowledge and skills while building on prior understanding. We empower our students to become independent learners and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in and contribute to the global community. Our core values of Perseverance, Relationships, Integrity, Dream, and Embrace guide us in achieving our vision.

Values: Our values are hinged around the mnemonic PRIDE:

  • We Persevere to do our very best.
  • We develop positive Relationships built on respect.
  • We show Integrity by being respectful, honest and fair.
  • We aspire to Dream, learn, become and do.
  • We Embrace all challenges and opportunities.

These new guiding principles will help us continue to provide the best education possible for the pupils at Northborough Primary School.