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Northborough Primary School


Soke Education Trust - Northborough Primary School has adopted the Peterborough Admissions Arrangements.

Children usually start school in the September of the academic year in which they reach five years old. However, where the school or parents believe that an individual child is not ready for this, they should be permitted to agree on later or part-time admission. Legally, children are not obliged to attend school until the term following their fifth birthday.

Entry in to the Foundation Stage 

  • September - Application process for starting in Foundation begins. Opportunity for parents/carers to visit individual schools.
  • October - Parents, or prospective parents, visit school at their own request or by booking on to one of the schools prospective parent tours and may make an appointment to meet with the Headteacher if they wish.
  • Mid January - National Closing Date - Closing date for completed online applications. We strongly recommend that you do not delay your application to the last minute in case of technical problems. SIFS to have been returned to schools directly. 
  • April - Parents that applied online can log onto the council’s website from 12.30am to see which school their child has been offered. Allocation information will be published on the Peterborough City Council website. Letters will be posted 2 nd class to parents who did not make an online application. No decisions will be issued by telephone. 
  • Early May - Closing date for parents to either accept or refuse the school place offered. If the parent does not reply, the offer will be withdrawn
  • June - Parents are invited to attend a new intake presentation where teachers will give an overview into the life of the Foundation Stage classroom.
  • In June/July - The Foundation teacher will visit the main feeder nurseries.
  • July - Children and their parents are invited in to school for a 'taster session' 
  • September - Children to start school full or part time by pre arrangement

Criteria for Admission

  • Looked after children.
  • Verified medical need relating to the pupil. (The requirements are strict and need certification by a doctor or psychologist).
  • Children living in the school’s catchment area.
  • Children who have brothers and sisters in attendance at the school.
  • Children living closest to the school by the shortest available safe walking route.

For further details please see the Peterborough Guide for Parents.

Admission to school at other times

Children often start school at times other than the Foundation Stage. In the event of this happening with your child, every effort is made to make you and your family welcome and to make the transition to the new environment as smooth as possible. Please contact the school if you have any anxieties about your child. You are always welcome in school.

Number Admitted

The agreed admissions number for class groups is 30, with the overall school total being 210 pupils. These totals may only be exceeded if particular circumstances arise.

Appeal Procedure

Any parent of a child not being admitted is entitled to appeal to the Department for Education and Children for reconsideration.

Confirmation of Places

A letter is sent out as soon as places in the school are confirmed by Peterborough City Council Admissions Team.


September Intake  

At Northborough Primary School, our first concern is for the individual child and so we have a gentle Intake Procedure that ensures the children's first days at school are happy and calm, and causes little stress.

The children are divided into two groups and each group starts school on a part-time basis, attending for either the morning or afternoon session. This gives the Foundation Stage staff time to be with the children, spend time helping them to adjust to their new situation and to assess their stages of development.

As each group settles, the children are invited to stay for lunch. This can be a little overwhelming so Foundation children go to lunch a little earlier than the rest of the school.

After a short time, children are offered a full-time place; the majority of the children are attending school full-time by the second week in September. If your child needs a little longer on a part-time basis however, this can be discussed with the class-teacher. We will discuss how the child has settled, their age, and how they are coping physically, mentally and emotionally.

Accepting your child's school place offer

National Offer Day - Thursday 16th April 2020.

How do I accept my child's offer of a school place at Northborough Primary School?

You must accept or refuse the offer of a school place as soon as possible but no later than Thursday 7th May 2020. Please contact the school you have been offered to accept the school place by this date. If you wish to refuse an offer, please email

If you do not reply to the offer letter, the offer of a school place will be removed and offered to another child on the waiting list.

PROOF OF ADDRESS: As part of the school admission process, you will be asked to provide proof of address. To ensure that offers of school places are made fairly, Peterborough City Council is committed to following strict address verification procedures. Please ensure that you have the correct documentation required in order to avoid any unnecessary delay in the child's admission to school. The offer of a school place is conditional until proof of address has been confirmed by the school. Please see below pdf information regarding proof of address. Thank you. 

Office telephone number: 01733 252204