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Northborough Primary School

Year 4 - 2015

Thank you very much for the lovely gifts from last year's Class 4, Mrs Brown and I were overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness. We wish you the best of luck in Year 5.

Mrs Pell and Mrs Brown


Hello and welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic Summer break and are ready to enjoy our Water themed term. I am hoping the children will provide some great ideas for me to enhance their learning experience through this topic.


Topic Work

This term’s topic ‘Water, water everywhere’ links together geography and science. Throughout this topic children will study the following aspects;

o    Why we need water and how we couldn’t survive without it.

o    Key world water areas.

o    How countries without clean water cope and how they can be helped. E.g. The Mustard Seed Project.

o    The water cycle. 


To begin our topic we will be writing water poetry and explanation texts about the water cycle. We will also be reading the Water Horse by Dick King Smith, to provide a cross curricular approach to learning and provide great opportunities for fiction writing. 



Class 4 will begin this term with place value including; ordering, comparing and partitioning numbers. We will also be extending our knowledge in multiplication and division facts and investigating problems. A key focus is Number Talk to improve mental methods used. 


Reading and Spellings

The children will have weekly spellings with sentences to be completed by the following Monday.

Guided reading will continue to be a daily learning focus and parental support with home-reading will be greatly appreciated. Please see new packs for details.

The children will become software developers through using SCRATCH to create and implement their own games. This software can be accessed at home also, for additional home learning to support in class teaching. 

Link to SCRATCH at Home:



Physical Education

PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday. Suitable indoor and outdoor attire should be provided; please send warm clothing or waterproofs as appropriate. Our main focus this term will be gymnastics. 



We will begin the term by looking at the artist Turner who's work is based on Water colours. Studying Canaletto and Heron, will provide opportunities to improve skills around texture and brush work. 



I will aim to provide a worthwhile yet manageable home-learning programme for which children are expected to take responsibility for completion and submission. A good start to home learning would be to look at the Water Aid website, offering interactive content and research opportunities.

A Stibbington information evening letter will be published shortly.


Thank you, Mrs Pell and Mrs Brown