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Weekly School Lunch Booking

Please complete all fields below. You will need to repeat this booking process for each child.

Lunch choice commencing Monday 15th April 2024.

The packed lunch option will contain a ham, cheese or tuna sandwich (made with one slice of wholemeal and one slice of white bread), a piece of fruit, a biscuit and vegetable sticks.

Children will choose their jacket potato filling and vegetable side each day. In addition to the dessert of the day, children have the choice of yoghurt, jelly or fresh fruit daily.


  • Monday: Sultana & oat cookie

  • Tuesday: Shortbread finger & fruit  

  • Wednesday: Iced chocolate sponge

  • Thursday: Apple crumble & custard 

  • Friday:  Fresh fruit Friday!

You will not be charged for a pre-booked lunch if your child is absent from school.

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